So, about that dream…

In December 2015, I wrote a blog about the struggles of having a baby whilst completing a demanding degree. You can read it here.

Well, I did it! Not only did I gradate, but I got a FIRST CLASS DEGREE and my two boys were by my side… and my Mum too!

It wasn’t without it’s struggles… There were times I missed lessons because Teddy had me up all night. There were times I had to haul him in a car seat through Greenwich and to the third floor because I knew I couldn’t store his pram anywhere and Italian wasn’t accessible on wheels. There were times I made sure the work was done, practising underneath a sleeping Teddy only to turn up to rehearsals where others were unprepared. There were times when I was changing my son’s nappy and interrupted by staff to show my ID because ‘I shouldn’t be in here’. There were times I asked the faculty for a space to breastfeed that was more private and was asked if someone in my ‘condition’ might want to take a leave of abeyance.

But there were also times when I was shown great love and patience from friends, colleagues and teachers. Times when I was caught short because of innumerable reasons and would receive a “you’ve got this” from an amazing singing teacher. Times when I needed a moan and a good friend would listen. Times when I needed a babysitter so I could concentrate in the classroom for an hour and an abundance of wonderful students would offer their help. Times when I received a put down and immediately another teacher would offer me a solution.

But all of that has become memories and instead I’m left with the time I graduated…




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