So, how was the performance?

The final day, we had a short dress rehearsal which worked well for me as I was so worried about potentially missing Teddy’s bedtime for the first time since he was born. We ran through the piece in it’s entirety and the dancers did their routine alongside us. We were also told to stand up and be still in sections where we weren’t playing or singing. I was nervous about this as I didn’t want to miss a cue, so always positioned myself facing the person who would give me the go ahead.

The performance itself went brilliantly, we had a big huddle before it began which felt really good. I’m not really the type for a group hug, but it was great to all come together and wish each other luck for the performance ahead. A few of us wanted to get a picture of the moment, not least for our evidence based blogs that are due in, but Tim, our mentor insisted we stay in the moment and I’m so glad he did.

colab circle
Capturing the huddle as it dissipated at the end


We began the performance all stood up, still. My understanding was that after around 2 minutes, the first cue would signal and we would begin playing but I must have missed a memo because we stayed standing and still for over 10 minutes. I’m not sure if we were waiting for the audience to build or if the first cuer had got nervous but all I could think was, “if this carries on, I’ll definitely miss Teddy’s bed time!”

Thankfully, we did at last begin and the piece went by in a blur. It went off without a hitch and I enjoyed every second of it and would love to perform this piece again and again!

colab performance


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