So, how was the performance?

The final day, we had a short dress rehearsal which worked well for me as I was so worried about potentially missing Teddy’s bedtime for the first time since he was born. We ran through the piece in it’s entirety and the dancers did their routine alongside us. We were also told to stand up and be still in sections where we weren’t playing or singing. I was nervous about this as I didn’t want to miss a cue, so always positioned myself facing the person who would give me the go ahead. Continue reading So, how was the performance?


So, how’s Colab going?

With the music sections taking place, the third day was a good chance to speak with the dancers involved in more detail and talk about the space we were using and how they would move around us or with us. We showed them where we would be sitting and they marked these spots with tape. Then, because much of the piece is shaped my cues, we also had to show the dancers where we’d be looking so that they wouldn’t get in the way and avoid us missing a vital cue. With this information, they then marked tape where they could stand. Continue reading So, how’s Colab going?