So, you’re saying I shouldn’t exercise?

On Wednesday, Trinity Laban students were treated to another free recital from the Jette Parker Young Artists and this time, the wonderful tenor, Samuel Sakker and beautiful Soprano, Anush Hovhannisyan performed. As we had a rehearsal for the upcoming Carmina Burana, we were only able to make the second half, but what a second half it was.

My highlights were “Deh, se piacer mi vuoi” from La Clemenza di Tito by Mozart. Anush’s warm tones had deep resonance which made it all the more delightful when she manoeuvred around the coloratura phrases (which means the bits that are very busy, with lots of notes) with seeming ease. She looked every inch the diva and I loved that about her aura!

Samuel Sakker then took over, performing “Addio Fiorito Asil” from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. It takes a Tenor quite some time to develop their sound and so my colleagues at college won’t be offended if I say I haven’t had the opportunity to hear one in such close quarters with full command of their voice before. Obviously, Samuel Sakker had this in abundance and totally brought his aria to life whilst singing throughout his range with even tone and power. Of course he did, you might say, he’s a “Jette-setter” but it still surprised me to witness this so closely and we all agreed the hairs on the back of our necks stood up.

Anush ow

And then, we were treated once again to the Q & A down in the bar area. There were lots more of us at this session, so the dialogue got very lively at times which was great. We asked questions about work/life balance on the programme to a resounding negative on the balance front; it’s all work and no play. Let’s face it, none of us want a party after years of striving to get into the Opera House, it makes sense that the work will just be beginning. My favourite answer came when a fitness enthusiast amongst us, asked how important exercise was to your vocal training? Both Anush, a svelte figured beauty and Samuel, a strong looking tall man agreed that they don’t do too much exercise as it can strain the neck muscles and affect the voice, suggesting instead some light stretching or yoga if you find the time.


That was exactly the answer I was looking for!


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