So, how is my German?

The great thing about third year on our BMus course at Trinity Laban, is the introduction of language song classes. This is a class with a specialised tutor in a particular language, be it French song, German Lieder, Italian or in particular, Bel Canto.

I sang an Italian aria at the beginning of term and this week took part in a leider class, with the talented Richard Jackson.

I chose Richard Strauss’ Freundliche Vision, or Froy-nd-lee-ckhe Viz-ee-on, or A Welcome Vision.

Paraphrased, “Not in my dreams have I imagined this picture, but rather in the light of day I see it.” She talks of a white house with statues of Gods lining the pathway and foliage masking part of it, of meadows full of margerites and how she walks along with the one she loves and feels peace.

Richard helped me with a few German phonetics, “in die Kuhle” was too round and I created the correct tongue shape going forward and the H in Haus needed to be more pronounced. This pesky scouse accent always gives me trouble with H’s (and D’s for that matter).

Richard spoke of the fact that a lot of Strauss’ songs end in death, or talking about it and questions whether “gotterbilder” or “Gods pictures” did indeed mean Statues of God or perhaps, spirits from the afterlife. It definitely gave me a new angle to approach the song and ask why she speaks of the peace she feels as she walks with her beloved. Is she so peaceful she could die happily? Or is she just admiring her surroundings and enjoying a moment of serenity?

Here’s my rendition, apologies for lb-adding cardigan, it was cold!


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