So, what blogs me on?

The first thing you have to think about when starting a blog about a particular subject is, “Who else is writing about this and what can I learn from them?” So I did a bit of research and decided on two I really like:

Show me a Soprano in a pair of marigolds atop a piano and you’re showing me a Soprano after my own heart. As a married woman, keeping a home and a husband (guffaw) I know only too well the strains of balancing all of those responsibilities as well as the responsibility to my own art and development as an aspiring classical singer.

She makes the concept of Motherhood, Marriage and Music a serious yet humorous subject whilst speaking honestly about the trials and tribulations she may face. With such a vast array of engagements, this is not a woman who is ready to sit on her arse and talk about the hard work she has to do, she gets up and actually does it all!

Recently voted the “least boring music critic” by listeners of Classic FM means that this guy is able to give me an insight into all things musical without sending me to sleep. As a musician who unfortunately, and hopefully only for the time being, lacks a real rooted knowledge of music theory and essentially the rituals and expectations that go on in the Classical music world I may need my hand holding from time to time.

Michael White is able to do this whilst remaining knowledgeable and critical, so we might just learn a thing or two from his pieces.

I know I’ll be keeping up to date with both these bloggers entries!


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